A Girl from Hull, Poetry

Spaces and Places

This year I planned to go to so many places and places, and I chose a word which would play a huge part in my life, 2018. The word was effervescence.  I know I’ve used it before, but I like it, and when you like something, it is quite natural to keep wanting to go back.

The Poetry for this weeks blog is experimental as always:

Her light behaviour and loose liaison
over land and sea, spreading your wings
within bounds and rules, are many forms
Storms, norms and views.

Diverse discourses in their way, spent
We left that place and slowly; step by step
One simple action an antidote
Norms and storms and muse.

In this wide inland sea, that height came by name
we made our solitary way
Imagined opinions of ancestors, many flavours
Storms, that form the past. Didn’t last!

Whilst thus she talked and thus she played
With countless fires she became aware
Effervescent space, a psychedelic place
Norms that form the mind. Subject to change.


This summer my writing is dedicated to thank the people who I have connected with along the way in becoming a poet, and I share a few books which inspired me to keep writing, because they gave me the ideas.

Signing off as a Renaissance Warrior.

There is so much we can learn through the Art of Reading, not only in Poetry. Prose is my next milestone, but hey, let us not run before we can walk.

If you have never heard of the method I-Ching in poetry, or if you want me to put something on this blog that might help you enhance your own writing practice? Let me know.

J Spencer, Creative Writing, July 2018


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