A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing, Progress

Truth often Calls

This month I said in the introduction of another poetry blog: ‘Little did I realise when I took upon the mammoth task to read and learn for myself about the realms of poetry, I could only relate to it comparatively as if being responsible for the giving birth to and caring for a new child.’

I still completely agree with myself, but I can also add to it now.

When you begin the journey of the Poet, there are two options, one is to begin and become consumed or two, stop and let it all go. Sometimes I wish I had chosen the second option, life would have been so much easier, simpler, innocent and less complicated. Or would it?

Poetry for me,  has nurtured the Philosopher at the core.

Trials of life we endure are the learning curves through the many experiences.  Reading has been like dancing upon the stepping stones for research and investigating the need to know more, to learn more, gaining insights and move and shift and twist into a sense of self-awareness, social-awareness, and a perspective that we can either keep to ourselves. Or maybe we should share stories and facts with future generations, and this has always been at the heart of my blog.

If I have been able to discover this world of reading and writing for myself, for free, then why not deliver more choices and opportunities to future generations?

One person’s ideology is another persons inspiration.  A single persons dance me be a couples irritation. No single body trains you to become the parent, no single body will train the philosopher within and the only single body you will ever have the power to train, is your own.

Is this why writers write? To share their discoveries. Are they secret scientists? I have often asked myself these questions. Especially of women! Why do we write? In a world that is still much literally driven by the force of which I can only call a masculine energy. Why do we women bother?


It is when you sit down, or maybe stand up, to read poetry, there is no escape. I had to return to the beginning, hence why quite a lot of my own poetry draws the reader back to the title. A personal hinted at comedy, or maybe it was irony.

For me, when I choose to write poetry I have to reconnect with a spiritual energy within, the unconscious self, it has been quite a religious feminine awakening.  Sounds quite mad, doesn’t it?

Today, who needs religion? I have asked myself this many times, but I find within every story, fact, fiction or poetry there is always a biblical element. Biblical elements that cross the divide, and test the readers mindset.

I do believe the voices found within books are often asking the reader to find themselves.

The beauty is that no one needs to see it, not if they don’t want to, or have the mind to.  and generally every word written is subject to personal interpretation, but I did mentioned in the month of May that I nearly lost it, you know, my mindset. This was because I was afraid of appreciating the beginning, and the purpose for using words if at all. Why did we evolve to need words in our lives if life was working fine with sign language?

Seeing signs and inspirational revelations with many books, even fantasy – I did begin to question myself, I have to admit. In a world that was now babbling on using symbols like emojis to represent their sense of self. I began to think about the ancient symbols, different languages, and how impressive our brains are that we can even write or read at all in our own language.

How many of us truly stop to think about that? We are not programmes which need programming and editing, or maybe we are? For me, I began to appreciate every word I chose to use, I started to appreciate why we use words to tell stories and explain facts. It is a process of sharing.

It is when you start to question our own consciousness, and our awareness, that the process becomes less mad, less woo-hoo, and less insane.  It is quite cathartic. I believe a lot of therapists use this method of practice to help clients find themselves. By the way, I have never visited a therapist, it’s just the stuff I read. I often wonder whether I should have become the therapist? Because I like to help others.  In truth for me, Creative Writing feels like a therapy, it gives me a sense of calm, peace and enjoyment that I have never found in any other subject matter.

From a life long learning point of view, filling my brain with the knowledge of others  through the reading of books I allowed for the time to read resources which have been handed down over thousands of years. It is only natural that a source of spiritual awakening will be found as I read our ancestors journeys. Most Teachers today refer to Shakespeare as a historical source, but the sources of Shakespeare drift further back to a time of old, to the beginning of heaven and earth, or so it is said in the many books I have read. Generally, found in the Arden Shakespeare’s works.

I am not going to call out pages for this and for that, this is something I had to learn for myself, in my own time, following my own interests. I would highly recommend it. The one great piece of knowledge I have mastered over recent years, is that the information shared is representative of singular periodical values.

I like to read books that will ignite minds, but the process of learning is quite individual and just because I like Shakespeare, I don’t expect you to like him too. I like my husband, but I don’t expect us all have the same taste. It is within the differences that make us truly beautiful.

Interestingly, I read a final few chapters of the Christian Bible recently that said women should not speak aloud, and we should share news and knowledge with the husband who will in turn share the knowledge. Well, if I rely on that piece of news, I would be bound by traditional heritage, and have to stop blogging! Thankfully, I am all for levelling up, because women need to have a voice too, without which, how can future generations of women learn for themselves and appreciate they can have individual unique choices too.

I know this may appear quite random for those who haven’t read behind the Renaissance years, but I do hope the Queen doesn’t mind that I write without her permission.

Now, in the 21st Century, femininity matters!  Femininity matters equally to that of Masculinity, it is a mutual alliance. I personally in real terms can’t go back further than the 1980s in real- life-experience, but those 80s years were oppressive enough. I heard a true calling – discover a world filled with choices. I did, I try, and I will keep trying.

I have stumbled across many female writers to date, alongside the many men and I thank Page 11 and more of le bebe, by M.Darrieussecq (2005), my transcriptions inspired the Poetry these last few months. Thank you to my children for my own experiences in creating life. Thank you to Edmund Spenser and his Faerie Queene Works without which I would never have continued this adventure as one writer in progress, discovering the poetry within, and more! I’ve updated my ebooks page, do you fancy taking a look?

Now, who was that person who pointed me toward reading E. Spenser?


J. Spencer, July 2018. Renaissance Warrior with a  Philosopher Pen Name, Verdalibre

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