A Girl from Hull, Poetry

Soils of a lifetime

I was asked recently: who is your target audience as a writer?

I thought, erm!

This is quite a normal response for a Writer who is ebbing and flowing, happy in their work. At first I thought, my audience is me! Then I thought, Humans, females, Parents and Writers, especially writers, because writers read.  I know I the Writer am certainly the one buying the books.

Since been asked that question I have begun to see the patterns in my work. I tend to write about Lifestyle: self awareness, emotional wellbeing, mindset, and poetry with a little parenting thrown in. The soils of my lifetime.

On that note of self-awareness here’s a little more poetry.

Though art in mighty arms most magnified
Be sure to place a limit on your talk
So tired, it was a good-time to rest
Giving up on suggestions, the cradle trap.

A solemn mean unto them measured
I went to where the unhappy people sat
White wine with olives a plenty, gin, beer
A sign betwixt adult, on the edge of a field.

The land to which their course they levelled
The neck green and ginger, a scarf was hung
Tightened fists, bursts of laughter, noises
Depressing the light, reflections of what is seen.

Soils of a lifetime brought to one’s knees.


I love this image of a child walking bare-foot, and reading within the natural environment, when the sun is shining and she is without a care in the world, I assume.  The innocence and the beauty of childhood.

These words were accumulated and shared today, thanks to the insight of Dante, Spenser, and Dr. J. Lawrence. All through a past connection with a the University of Hull.

Thanks for reading.

J. Spencer, July 2018, Renaissance Warrior, and Philosopher, Verdalibre.


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