Poetry, Truth about Roots


This year has been quite the writer’s paradise, from retreats, to treats, to something old and something new. The echoes of life burn bright.

Have you begun to notice the poems I write have quite a themed pattern of Social Sciences interwoven into the lines? Or is that just me?

If you are human, a female, a parent, or a writer, what do you think?

Sharing a little Monday Poetry.

One knocked at the door, and in would haste
All of them used to squint
Echoes of the father, the wife, people say
Muscles in the mouth form so to speak.

Given was to them for good intents.
There was no golden mean in how they spent.
See all the tiny birds, flutter and chirp.
To verbalise early, is a life saving curse.

Upon the daughter of this woman so blind
Whenever the two points of the circle are reached
Child formulation and silent demands
Put to the test, let go of the irritated mind.

She would no longer stay to adore
will not scrat around to be beautified.
Preserved for the sake of nutrition
Forces of nature, voluntary work.


It was quite impossible to make this image any smaller, it has completely taken over the page, which has made me laugh, so I’m leaving it. It may make you laugh. It may make you think. Does it irritate you?


After seeing this image, re-read the poem and what do you see this time, besides this great image?

Thank you for reading and thank you to I-Ching which has been the most enjoyable experimental writing practice I have ever had the pleasure to play with. Inspired by pages 70 something of several books. Have you checked out my Good Reads Review Listings?

Verdalibre, Philosopher, Renaissance Warrior and Deep Creative Thinker.


J. Spencer, Creative Writing, July 2018


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