A Girl from Hull, Poetry, Truth about Roots


I’ve been reading some pretty heavy stuff this summer, and it really does show through. When you connect the dots from past to present, is it possible to predict the future?

A little Monday Poetry:

As one may fear, there may be a long delay, alternate the positioning of the neck in training.

Which after all to heaven shall thee send, euphoria, exit to find a leader already mounted in a frame.

Reflections of animals and in the company of an alpha male.  Ladies love and left so dearly bought with nails already blue, a cooling shade.

Hands collecting berries, searching at the roots. That nothing may present hope impair little by little, reins slip from grasp, skies on fire.

Summer Sparks ignite. Galloping! Thus forced to climb the mountain with fools.

abstract art blur bright
Photo on Pexels.com

Where did this poem take you?

Verdalibre, Philosopher and Renaissance Warrior

J. Spencer, August 2018cropped-watermark-4d-logo-upgraded-mar18.png

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