The Writing Ellipsoid

I know a lot of Writers will recommend that writers should join a writer’s group, but they can be few and far between and I did once join a circle that nearly stopped me from pursuing my own creative adventures.

Personally, I prefer online tools, magazines and books as the guides. You can take them or leave them and they – the books – don’t get insulted if you disagree.

I have yet to find a workshop that gets my complete upvote locally. If you love to write, find a title and begin there.

This Monday Poem was inspired by an Ellipsoid of sorts:

Your cruel eyes endure the sight
a hundred thousand dangers overcome
The rhythm, immobilisation, time passes.
Most wretched woman of wicked mind
Considering well both origin and birth
Stunned at first, a miracle arrives.
The new war of weapons of a kind
Out of this a new world a whirlwind rise
reasons for choosing an easy life.
For love is ever greater than the glory
As the fourth lifts up the stern
All that can go wrong and bend,
Humiliation is a judgement, unkind
until the sea closes over us again.


Verdalibre, Philosopher, Renaissance Warrior

J. Spencer, August 2018. Writer.



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