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Epic Liberty

Since I’ve been using the I-Ching Method of Practice for my poetry, otherwise known as the Censa, it has been coming along leaps and bounds. I once asked a Lecturer, “is there a single word for finding your true core passion?” She replied, “Liberty?!”

I wasn’t so keen on this word, because it’s been around for a long time, and words when overused, become simply over used.

After all the reading over the years, I still didn’t find a single word that I liked that reflective of my core passion. I decided to create my own.  Creating your own words is something you can do when you’re a creative writer.

I also chose to write a little poem about the climb to complete a recent eBook adventure titled: 100 Poems in Solitude. If you would like to see it, read on:

On that one particular day, I was too late,
She didn’t run, and took all I had and more
An obstruction of space, all broken up.

They say I am wrong that I am a disgrace100 Poems of Solitude fc 040718
But how would they know unless they knew
Of my chase for grace, searching smells and
Experimentation of the force.

Attentive is to heed and proceed without
Remorse, walking gently can be gruelling
Now time has come to pass, never give-up.

I tell myself, for others they run quite fast.
If we race we only see the destination and the
Future, all unknown, if we visit our surroundings
Peripheral vision brings us home.


What on earth  or maybe the moon will I get up to next as the Writer?

Verdalibre, Philosopher, Creative Writing



Ad infinitum – One Writer’s Progress, J. Spencer, September 2018



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