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If you have found me in the swamp of social media then I hope you will be satisfied with what you find here. This website shares my philosophy for practising the Art of Creative Writing. I began by sharing some poetry. I plan to share a few short-stories and novel ideas. I intend to be open about my philosophy for being creative, and writing.

Sometimes the drafts displayed here are collected into books or pamphlets and self-published, then for sale, or given away for free upon the Amazon Platform.

I don’t think authors are real people. I think they are fictional characters, with doppelgangers who proclaim to be the real thing. Maybe this is just one of my many nonsense theories.

I completely encourage comments and feedback, because for me, progress begins with connection.  Where to begin? Wherever you choose. It’s up to you.

What are your thoughts on journalling?

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“Intelligent, conscientious, motivated and entirely personable.”

D.W. January 2018


“I remember you with affection and respect for your ideas.”

G.R.W.  January 2018



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