One Writer’s Progress

A bit about me!

Creativity can arrive in many forms, for me it is Writing and DIY.

This website offers an outlet for me to share one Modern Woman Writer’s experimental and creative writing experiences, a few photos, and possibly a bit of D.I.Y.  Let’s get creative.

I welcome your interest and your critical review in my self-publishing and creative adventures.

Why am I bothering?

After going back to school in the last decade, I realise I have become quite sensibly invisible, juggling the role of parent and an active researching student. I was and still am very pleasantly content as the observer: listening, watching and forming an understanding of the social and political climate, today.

I write about moments that I have seen or heard.

After reading a variety of books, academic, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction, from Business, Sciences, to Children’s Classics and the many fantastic romances by the Modern Women Writer from a variety of Cultures; I  finally realised my own obsession to understand and write about the many choices experienced and available to humanity. In my own writing adventures I have become quite self aware thanks to words.

img_1491In being a female writer there are many obstacles and challenges; metaphoric walls to scale and mountains to slide down. There has been an abundance of objectification and satire and I accept that every day will continue to be a state of forever learning.   In 2015, I debated how can a woman have the voluntary profession of four people without recompense and wondered what exactly is a woman and her worth? After achieving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, I ploughed on to achieve a Masters in Creative Writing.


I made a choice that would make feminists scream, yet it was a wise decision, granted the suspension of time allowed to research, study and lifelong learn for a further self-educated three years, whilst being a full-time Professional Mother, Gardener and DIY Domestic Goddess; and let us not forget an apprentice: Professional Writer, Wow! All very exciting.

What am I writing for?

It is a lifestyle choice, and one I am happy with. I’ve been quite busy on my own writer’s path and wanted to find a way of sharing what I have spied, learned or chosen to ignore.

Who knows, maybe if I share a point of view through the medium of Creative Writing, then I may help others out in the Global Digital World to find their own passion too. You may have a passion as a writer, or maybe not, but how will you know if you don’t get your thinking cap on? The first step is to read, and decide what you like for yourself.

If you want to know more about the writers journey, which has become a bit of a quest, feel free to follow. I tend to blog mainly poetry, and it is within the poetry that I always begin my writing adventures.

We can’t believe everything we read!

Although, we can gain an understanding, if we read for ourselves.


Philosopher, Verdâlibré 2014-2018

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