One Writer’s Progress

CWJS4D Selfie in Blue 14th July 2016Creativity can arrive in many forms.

This website offers an outlet to  share one Modern Woman Writer’s experimental and creative writing experiences. Welcoming your critique and feedback because she has found the nerve to go for it – self-publishing her work, for now.

In returning to academic studies in the last decade she was sensibly invisible, juggling the role of parent and an active researching student. This new writer is pleasantly content as the observer: listening, watching and forming an understanding of the world, today. She listens, she watches, she notes and she writes creatively about moments in time.

After reading a variety of books, academic, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction, from Business, Sciences, to Children’s Classics and the many fantastic romances by the Modern Women Writer from a variety of Cultures; the writer finally realises her obsession to understand the many choices available to humanity, focusing on a sense self-awareness thanks to words.

img_1491In being a female writer there are many obstacles and challenges; metaphoric walls to scale and mountains to slide down. There has been an abundance of objectification and satire and she accepts that every day would continue to be a state of forever learning.   In 2015, she debated how can a woman have the voluntary profession of four people without recompense and wondered what exactly is a woman and her worth? She made a choice that would make feminists scream, yet it was a wise decision, for she was granted the suspension of time allowed to research, study and lifelong learn for a further self-educated three years, whilst being a full-time Professional Mother, Gardener and DIY Domestic Goddess; and let us not forget an apprentice: Professional Writer, Wow!

The whole idea and plan emerged after spending some time as a casual Specialist Tutor, she could see a Social Science concern within the structures of education. As a tutor, she couldn’t help more than one person at a time.

Julie has been writing her first set of four volumes: Volume 1 –

A (f)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing, Poetry

She compiled a collection of Poetry, and called that An Art of Type.  In May 2015, the research considered Kindness, she noticed Blue Butterflies were symbols frequently used to promote the subject, so she called the research: Blue Butterfly Trail. 

Deviating a little on the second set of the four volumes, it happens when going it alone! Her maternal experience gave a little insight and she wrote a few children’s tales encouraging compassion, courage and honesty in 2016, and although the stories are still in editorial format, she is proud of the Golden Enzymes.

 Then the writer chose to practise in the Art of Epic Poetry in 2017 and discovered a number of voices which prevented the uncovering of a niche. 

Now in 2018, she returns to the beginning of her journey and edits her earlier works and will soon reveal Volume 1.4d. 

In 2018 she became self-aware! What took the girl so long? 


If you want to know more about the writers journey, which has become a quest, an ambition and maybe an obsession, feel free to follow.

We can’t believe everything we read!

Although, we can gain an understanding, if we read for ourselves.

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Verdâlibré 2014-2018


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