Even in the Silence

Listen and stay silent was what I used to do, still do, it is surprising what comes to light.


A Poet Laments

If we suspend time, watch on, listen and stay silent, it is surprising what comes to light.

A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Progress

Little Notes

Learning curves can take you around the bend, or around the world, just remember to take note!



When we rush in with ideas, sometimes we need others to offer alterative solutions - don't we?

Fantasy Fiction

Hopes and Fears

How did Hemingway do it? It is not for the want or passion of trying. Sometimes you just have to go for it as a Writer. Trial and error create resilience, and maybe an 'okay' story.


A Weather Ode

In 2018 everything I had been working toward was finally coming together. Thanks to a little #FLselfawareness #Coaching with @oufreelearning being a Writer started to become purposeful. #connection

Fantasy Fiction

Characters in a Fantasy

Every time I write a little poetry, it triggers a story. Whether it is the radio, my surroundings or experimental method of practice, I choose not to have favourites.