Telling Tales

Parents, do tell me - would you read this to your children?

Translating is tricky.

I love meeting new people, and learning about new cultures, histories, and tales, so why wouldn't I choose to explore a book about babies?

Are we enough?

It is never too late to find your own true voice and realise, actually: you are enough.

Let’s play with Creativity

Have you ever in your life picked the petals from a flower, saying "love me, love me not"? I prefer to ask, "Poet, Poet Not?" The result determined my productivity levels. Time to stop picking petals from flowers and just write.


Whispers, an east coast wave closes in. . . What on this planet would I be talking about? Poetry of course.

Road of Change

The stretch is long. . . is it worth it? Absolutely!

Down the Path

Poetry can be technical or not, it depends how the mind wishes to work. Fancy a race?