Even in the Silence

Listen and stay silent was what I used to do, still do, it is surprising what comes to light.

A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing, Creative Writing, Progress

Little Notes

Learning curves can take you around the bend, or around the world, just remember to take note!



When we rush in with ideas, sometimes we need others to offer alterative solutions - don't we?

eBooks, Progress

Telling Tales Promo

Parents, do tell me - would you read this to your children?


Translating is tricky.

I love meeting new people, and learning about new cultures, histories, and tales, so why wouldn't I choose to explore a book about babies?


Are we enough?

It is never too late to find your own true voice and realise, actually: you are enough.


Let’s play with Creativity

Have you ever in your life picked the petals from a flower, saying "love me, love me not"? I prefer to ask, "Poet, Poet Not?" The result determined my productivity levels. Time to stop picking petals from flowers and just write.