To boldly go where everyone has already been before. . . Is it a brand or of no use?

Who is Waldow?

Do you have a "Steptoe's Yard" in you? This Girl from Hull has and it's certainly time for a clear out.

Three Coins…

Some stories will certainly make it into The Blue Butterfly Trail - finding both Kindness and Progress.

Truth about Roots

Todays little ditty was inspired by a tweet and an image drawn by someone I know very well, imagine that! Please be aware, I as a writer do not volunteer for #MadeinHull, I contribute with no expectation of a return, hence it is a charitable experience. #AGirlfromHull Where fish folk made a living: Where fish … Continue reading Truth about Roots

Thinking Statistically!

To succeed, make the time for practise.

Return to Skipsea Sands

Skipsea Sands upon the East Coast of Yorkshire, is an inspiring place.