Chasing Stars

After spending so much of my own time, writing my life away, I began to think, and think, I did! Maybe a little too hard. I’d published a number of epamphlets in the beginning of my writer’s journey, some of these were deleted in 2017 or upgraded in 2018. Few made it though, things were getting deep, and borderline depressing.

In spending so much time with books I decided I needed a few real-connections by day. I started listening to the Radio as a release, a way of identifying with the outside world. It was strange, because the more I heard the voices of strangers, having spent so much time alone, I began to feel a connection. A surreal connection that went to a whole new level in a kind of chasing the stars. I needed to hear their voices, with them around, I didn’t feel alone.

The time I was spending alone – I had chosen solitude – it had begun to drift into an emotional sense of loneliness, and although I love books, there is also a greater need to balance our choices with real-life sounds and connections too. As time went by, and when I read my own work, sometimes a little self-doubt kicked in. This wasn’t literature, it was the monologue of a female. The monologue of one distant past. A clinging.

This was all quite a natural reaction to the process of change, as our learning curve deepens we can look back at our own innocence and smile at our old self. We are always changing, and it took a bit of a leap to let this next poetry eBook go. It was also longer than usual for me.

I had begun to realise, as One Writer in Progress I had started to Chase the Stars for companionship, hence the title: Chasing Stars, (2017-2018).

On the 4th July 2018, I had a play with the cover page again, because my children said my digitally adapted Alton Tree was too scary. Weirdly still, my husband had liked the scary tree, but I had a rethink and thought, what is this poetry really about? Social awareness, clinging, or appreciating the stars and the magic of the everyday that we have today.

If you would like to see more of this ePoetry Collection, click on the image.

Chasing Stars fc 040718

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