Armed with books, writing, ICT and now social media skills and two degrees, the curator of the many Verdalibre eVolumes, most of which are still inside my head, and would be more than happy to talk to you about the subject of Creative Writing, writing a book from poetry to the novel. What about your platform start-up?

I see myself as observant, honest and trustworthy, and love to share ideas for creating new content, hints at overcoming procrastination, or how about encouraging the amount of fun to be had when reading a book. What will you discover? I also encourage the need for balance, as with any discipline.

Maybe, just maybe, there are many more new writers out there in the 21st Century of all ages that want an online presence? Whether writing is a hobby for you, or the life long dream is to be a published writer and it feels beyond your reach. Why not ask a question, let’s see if I can point you in a direction that may help. I have the experience in starting-up. You won’t know the answer I have, unless you ask!