The Writer was once ‘A Girl From Hull’, she writes poetry, transcript, short-stories, articles and the odd essay, she might even be translating. When Julie isn’t blogging she is collecting stories and generally Creative Writing.

A fan of both Fantasy Fiction and Non-Fiction: Literature and Sciences are all found within books, and maybe via the T.V. or Tech. She likes to keep busy!

Since she turned the ripe age of forty years, Julie intends to continue a successful career in the field of e-Publishing forever, because she’s obsessed.

In being both the writer and editor of eBooks, realistic flaws sometimes filter through, which she quite likes, for it proves that she is still human and not a robot in the 21st Century. Flaws often add to the character of a story.

Her motto, is:

“You can only know, if you read for yourself!”

Back in 2010 and in the days of invisibility, and nothingness, Julie often worried that she may grow a beard if she read too much and wore trousers.


For doesn’t knowledge and the trousers make’th the man?


What she did learn through all the reading as a Bachelorette: there are four facets to Julie Spencer in the field of Creative Writing. She truly enjoys 4 Dimensions, poetry, prose, fact and fiction, and if she takes you into the realm of the fourth dimension, you may hear the sounds of silence within a time allocation of a momental space.

Bizarrely, she also likes to have fun seeking out the positives in all of Life’s Health and Social Welfare perceptions, encouraging change. Change can keep the brain matter clicking!

Do you enjoy reading books and/or the Creative Writing online?  There should be something on here for all ages, and interests.

If you would like to contact the Writer and Mentor?  Julie is directly available via Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn.

Feel free to strike up a conversation, any time.