In this digital age, we are in a world of both trial and error. We are learning for ourselves how to make the best of our lives online. Little did I know that writing poetry would become quite the reflective journey:

Poetry Collections, Self-Published eBooks – 2016-2018

Nurture Games fc 040718           Chasing Stars fc 040718          100 Poems of Solitude fc 040718

Epic Poetry ePamphlet – 2016-2018

Estate Race fc 040718

Children’s Fairy Stories to be read by the Guardians – 2016, edited 2018.

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Thanks for choosing to read this One Writer’s Progress. You’re supporting a dream and on the 4th July 2018, the writer decided for all the eBooks self-published on this Progress page –  the author’s income will be distributed to a number of children’s, animal welfare and Christian Charities. Why? Because as a self-published writer she can make choices for herself, and she wants her books – to have a dual purpose.

J. Spencer, A bit of a Philosopher nowadays, Creative Writing.


(Updated July 2018)