Golden Enzyme Tales

The Creative Writer took a slight deviation in 2016-2017 – it was allowed! Parenting was a huge part of her life, so she decided to write up a few of the stories that she told.

The great part of self-publishing – deviation is possible. It may be seen as a dilly-dallying tactic to others, maybe procrastination, but in truth, there was so much going on around the years of 2012 to 2017, the writer felt like she was being tied up into knots, and wanted to relax a little, have a little fun with the writing. And she did:

Welcome to the realms of Creativity. I was parenting and in recovery from a few NHS blips. So, what to do! It was all good and well writing poetry once a week, but I was also sharing stories with my children. I churned out a few basic eBooks which you can still find on Amazon today. In late 2017 I self-published the children’s stories as a collection, Golden Enzyme Tales (2016-2017). On 4th July 2018, I had a rethink about the image, I wanted a more psychedelic cover. Family life can be quite psychedelic!

If you like playing hide and seek there is an old version of the Golden Enzyme Collection image on this website, inspired by the BBC, on a calender of all places. See if you can find it? How does the old image compare to the new? A friend suggested I put my drawings of the frog on the front, but my doodles were just for fun, not for the front cover, tell me what you think?

My husband tells me the word Enzyme is too grown up for the child reader. Have you ever read the tales of Grimm? How do we know unless we read and learn about words for ourselves?

If you would like to read a few pages of this eCollection, click on the slide show below:


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