I created the Professional Writer’s Progress website, back in 2014. This is when it all began:

Well, that is a little lie, it all began in 2009!

That is a lie too. It all began when I was a little girl, A Girl from Hull. I was about nine or ten; the decade is now talked of as the eighties. If you’re reading this in one hundred years’ time, that was the 1980s

In the 1980s I wanted to be a writer, but I was just a girl, and who on earth earns money as a Writer anyway?  Thirty-ish or so years later, it was 2009 that I down tools as a Professional Administrator and Office Manager and decide to do something new. I enjoyed what I had done to date, but something was missing. I had loved English back at school, however, my grammar was and still is so Hullish. I was never going to make it beyond . . .

A life time of island hopping had taken its toll. Life, had been filled with so much drama and an abundance of life changing experiences, I wasn’t sure what my vocation, or dream was. Not anymore! I had the esteem of a hedgehog, slow and steady, but prickly when threatened.

2009 was the year that gave me a chance to follow a childish dream of mine, as a past-colleague named Alan described back in Brunswick House,  Teaching was my vocation!

Somehow, with my Hullish grammar and words, I accomplished a Bachelors in the Art of English Literature with Creative Writing, and my path took me into realms of Renaissance with Modern Languages.  This is where I fell in love again, with academia.

A passion for historical literature was stirred, Spenser, Shakespeare, Duranti & Darrieussecq became my guides within a world of words.  I hung onto the word academia like a female possessed. I wanted to know where to look, what to read, how  could I help the cause.

However, I had no idea what cause I was truly pursuing.

Many of us (girls) jump up and down asking to be equal to men, however, I didn’t want to be equal, in body, nor mind. If I might use Fung Shui guidance as an example: I see men as the ying and the women as the yang, or maybe it is the other way around? Whichever suits.

I wanted to find balance. I am happy to be different.

I think Spenser, Shakespeare, Duranti and Darrieussecq may feel the same way, but I don’t know and I don’t wish to put words into their mouths, their books speak for themselves. Read them!

When I achieved a Masters I was blown away, literally breathless. How was it possible for this no mark, A Girl from Hull, to achieve something so prestigious?  True grit and determination was the key and maybe a way with words, always of a cliché, but I put that down to becoming a mother back in 2005, and in being just A Girl from Hull.  Maybe the 1980s generated a new way in using language. I often feel like I am of the generation influx marketing, when every word claims to sell something, without even realising it.

2014, flung out on my ear: Off you go! Find something to do with it. What was your vocation again?  I defaulted into, “Oh yeah, a teacher!”

I am able to laugh at myself today, and that is healthy. I didn’t want to be a teacher, I wanted to be an Author, remember! Back when I was ten, and eighteen and twenty-eight, and what got in the way? Well, life of course. I was watching too much T.V. too. Stuck to it like a sponge – why read a book when it will be turned into a drama or a film?

Sometimes we use our eyes and mouths more than feeling the words through the process of reading and writing.

This is where I halted my own destination, I started to think, what if?

These last three years of trial and error, learning and self-executing as a Professional Writer, writing stories with the intention to sell them has been a raging sea of torment, and often, I wanted to call it a day. Life certainly wanted to get in the way.

Yet, I didn’t, and I haven’t. I needed a structure, I found 4DX (a book). I needed a purpose, I found psychologies (a magazine). I needed a vision and a Professional Writer is a possible vocation. I am already an author, after producing an eBook or four,  in 2016.

But, all of that too, may also be a lie.

What I have learned over the years of research is: most people write today to sell something. I don’t want to sell anything, and especially not myself, ‘Truisme‘ is a book that springs to mind.

Sharing a story through words with readers who want to read them.

The stories are very Hullish in tone: ‘the University of Hull were unable to make me speak proper’, and I do love to use too many comma’s, but there can never be too many pauses, if you ask me?

Over time, I’ve been writing eight volumes for: A (f)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing – Working Titles which include:

  1. Nature Games (Poetry)
  2. Social Nature (Short Stories)
  3. Blue Butterfly Trail (Research for a Novel)
  4. Open to Translation (Research of Words)

And more. . .

It’s an ongoing eternal project.

So, what is this philosophy really all about?
Well, it’s about finding your own path and learning along the way;  there is no such thing as an easy option or a hard option, there are just different ways and ‘choices’ in approaching your future. I like to consider a balanced perspective and point of view.

Not everyone will like it.

But, for me this fourth dimension I have found in my life through writing; I’ve already noticed it is taking over the 21st Century through social media and we are headed for the fifth. Will people be ready and truly be doing what is important for themselves in the future?

Maybe I’ll find out, through books.

My new word in 2017 is:
Verdâlibré ©

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngI hope you enjoy reading.

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