When we rush in with ideas, sometimes we need others to offer alterative solutions - don't we?

Fantasy Fiction

Hopes and Fears

How did Hemingway do it? It is not for the want or passion of trying. Sometimes you just have to go for it as a Writer. Trial and error create resilience, and maybe an 'okay' story.

Fantasy Fiction

Characters in a Fantasy

Every time I write a little poetry, it triggers a story. Whether it is the radio, my surroundings or experimental method of practice, I choose not to have favourites.


Conflicts of interest

I once heard a discussion about the topic of translation, it was referred to as 'being intense'. I can now relate.


Capture a moment

If a story was supposed to be about babies, why was I talking photography -

eBooks, Progress

Telling Tales Promo

Parents, do tell me - would you read this to your children?


Translating is tricky.

I love meeting new people, and learning about new cultures, histories, and tales, so why wouldn't I choose to explore a book about babies?