The Beginning

It all began when I was told by a Lecturer, “You will never be a poet, a poet has to practise everyday.”

After writing a little epic poetry and being told “It has already been done!”  The Writer decided she would set herself a task, she would have to have a play with the Arts of Creative Writing to find her own niche.

Being a Professional Writer has its highs and its lows. With small-steps and a disciplined routine, you can achieve results:

The first step for the writer was to self-teach and practise in the digital world: she had learned a vast amount of knowledge with the University of Hull, but the digital world was a territory unknown.

The Writer, began self-publishing a little poetry in 2015-2016:

An Art of Type 

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Although the eBooklets were short and sweet, the writer chose to share her ideas, anyway. At least in self-publishing she could!

Without explanation and in observation only, these eBooks revealed some insight into a lack of confidence, a lack of skill, and a lack of ability to promote herself. She lacked self-belief. Over time the eBooks have been edited, and for every new edit stimulates a new version of confidence. Skills take time to develop, especially without asking for help. And in the area of Creative Writing upon reflection, the naivety of her ambitions in the beginning, shone through.

Potential BBTrail Cover_280516

For fun, and purely because overtime the writer has learned to laugh at her own mistakes, she has left the Blue Butterfly Trail eBooklet available on Amazon. The other few books, there were four of them in the beginning, they have been deleted, they were in clear need of an update.

The next step which included updates, was step 2

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