The End . . .

As the final deadline for A (f)ilosophy for the Art, Creative Writing needs to be met. It would take true grit, determination and discipline to finish the project.

Can Julie Spencer 4D do it? Finish the project she started back in May 2015.

In 2017 she wondered whether she was too random as a Writer and spreading herself too thin, she wanted to be a Tutor, sharing her stories with children, and families. She was trying to do too much too soon. Talking poetry!  Talking social sciences! Talking health and wellbeing. She had to make a choice.

She continued to blog for the process of Creative Writing, yet chose to let go of TuitionJS4D. It was tough, and although she let go within her mind, in reality she still hung onto the website because she didn’t delete the webpage data until February 2018, and continued to pay for the domain name.

Why couldn’t she let go? Sometimes people hold onto opportunities as a fall back, however that doesn’t allow the person to give their full attention and energy to their true vocation. This can be an unrecognised hindrance, once you take a step back, you may begin to see for yourself: We must take a step back to take in the view of a bigger picture.

Back in Summer 2017, once she had mindfully let go of her ambition to teach within a classroom setting, or online, she returned to the University of Hull. She had a couple of questions to ask and after some very meaningful talks with two very wonderful lecturers, she decided to return to her writing with a new heart. She was beginning to believe in herself – self-belief is very important if you choose to write professionally.

It was in late Autumn of 2017 that she finally chose to focus  and dedicate her full attention to the Creative Writing obsession as the Poet. Could she be a poet, and where would it take her?  Writing journals and non-fiction investigations once again reminded her of the poetic trails of many historic Writers. She re-read and re-discovered her own portfolio as a mature undergraduate student and recalled a number of voices.

She was now digitally savvy, it was time to upgrade and rise to the challenge:

A (f)ilosophy for the Art, Creative Writing

works were redrafted and up until today, there have been several re-releases of her poetic writing works, which she now offers as a collection under the name:


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The Porfolio of Poetic Experimental Writing Works are still awaiting Volume 1.4d, which will be released in 2018. During 2018 the Writer intends to share her words for free within the eBooks, because she can, because she wants to, because she did this as a Professional Writer for the sheer love of it, and to date she has proved to herself that a woman can certainly be a poet, a woman can be many things – all you need is a little determination, self-belief and the right attitude.

While the Writer writes Poetry she also writes Prose, so what is next? If there is nowhere to click, you might want to follow to find out at a later date. This blog regularly shares updates and the progress of one female Writer, and will continue for as long as she chooses to Professionally Write. 

Have you ever considered writing a poetry collection, short stories or a Fantasy Novel?

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