The Estate Race

I was beginning to ask myself – was it time to stop writing the poetry, and call it a day?

I’d written some poetry, even dabbled in a couple of children’s stories, what did I have left to do, to prove, to who? And this is when my own writing began to surprise me. Childhood memories reared up, chaos from old, things I’d let go of, it all rushed back with a sheer force. It was as if I had left a tap open and dripping, and somehow the water had found its own way out with force. I can’t deny the influences of many Shakespearean verses, a little of J. Joyce’s Chamber Music had something to do with it.

When you open pandora’s box (in my case, the subconscious memories) and really want to close it again, it is good to remind yourself that the experiences we have are never in isolation, whether moments happen in the present, the past or on a parallel, things happen, and sometimes we have to acknowledge these times to learn from them. I am not saying we should ruminate over our past, but it is good to know some of the history to understand why we have come so far today, socially and culturally. The life I presently live has an equation of balance that many still hope to find.

What has a tap and running water got to do with this Epic Poetry? Nothing!

I had been drowning in my own silence once, so afraid of speaking up, speaking out. But, how can we know if something is right or wrong, unless more people speak out and share similarities, commonalities, behaviours and values for a perceived peaceful life.

It is in the playing with ideas, and combining experience that generates an interesting epic if not dramatic poem, The Estate Race (2016-2018).

I’ve found it hard letting this one go, sharing a distant past, and maybe it was to be written for my own cathartic needs. If I am a writer, I must be willing to share.

If you would like to see more of this first Epic Poetry epamphlet, click on the image.

Estate Race fc 040718

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