The Middle

In 2016 this modern mother and female writer continued to write poetry, and tried a few Children’s story samples:

She decided to write the Children’s Stories when she realised she could write poetry but, her self-publishing capability was a tad limited. In an attempt not to be too down-hearted at her P.R. skills, she turned her hand to noting down the stories that she would tell her own children.

Being a Brother’s Grimm fan, may have had some influence, and along came a few more eBooklets.

Remember, these were all about practising:

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Although she was very proud of the stories, she knew the content had grammatical issues, and that was because she was permanently in creative mode, and lacked generating the time to be a great Editor too.

In Summer 2017 these stories – launched individually – were removed from the eBook market, there was still more work to be done.

It was time to tighten up the image of the ebooks, to find a style that worked for the Writer. These stories were collecting into volumes. The ebooks required an overhaul and in 2017 she came up with these:

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One Writer was finally beginning to gain the feeling of progress.

There was one more Final step to take in the completion of A (f)ilosophy for the Art, Creative Writing, the deadline of May 23rd 2018 loomed.






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