Think fast, then slow.

It was back in January 2018 that I took the plunge, instead of thinking too hard about the next step of my adventure as a Writer, it was time to stop thinking and just do. I used to have that approach in my younger years, but now I have the responsibility of a family, it seemed a bit crazy.

Little did I realise, I was beginning to become quite fearful of taking risks. I had begun to wonder whether any of the projects I was doing had any worth, even with a little interaction with the entertainment industry, there was a niggle of self-doubt.

Rising to the challenge, I decided a 5 Second Rule to apply or commit to anything that happened over the period of 1 week.

It was okay, nothing really happened at first:

  • Then, I applied for a role on a Television show! (Confidential)
  • Then, I applied for the role of an apprentiship, a runner with the BBC.
  • Then, I asked a Publishing Firm in France if they didn’t mind if I chat on my Blog about Marie Darrieussecq’s, le bébé (2005) using quotes.
  • Then, I applied for a Scholarship PhD with the University of Hull, researching Cultures, specifically surrounding Pregnancy and Childbirth.
  • Then, I booked myself on Two Writing courses, one local, one online, and a Writer’s Workshop.
  • I later applied for Teach First and put in an application to the NSPCC.
  • Then, I abandoned my writing and went out socialising with friends.
  • Then, I abandoned my writing and chose to spend time with my family. (Some people call this a work-life-balance.)

All in the space of a week.

Afterwards I thought: what on this planet did I do all of that for? I was behind with my Vérdâlibré Volumes, I was behind with my mission to produce

A (f)ilosophy for the Art, Creative Writing

and I didn’t want to go on a T.V. show, did I? I certainly didn’t want to be on an apprentiship for the BBC? Was I sure? I believe myself to be an Apprentice Professional Writer, am I? For goodness sakes! Did I really contact a Publishing Firm, in France? Did I really communicate by email with the author M. Darrieussecq? Gasp! Did I really apply for a PhD? Who do I think I was? Or was it all a dream?

If I was really in the land of dreaming, I would love to have lunch with Keanu Reeves to talk/interview him about his new business. Oh, and the opportunity to learn more and get involved with @lumos founded by J.K. Rowling.  Visit seven or more wonders of the world and find a Traditional Publisher for my tales, this surrealist reality should have been up there in the land of dreams, that is what I call real dreaming.

But, I hadn’t been dreaming, the 5 second rule method really had made all of those bullet points affect my future life.

Some of the results are in from the experience, and I will share them with you over the next few months, if any area on the list above are highlighted, click on it to find out what happened. This is One Writer in Progress, learning for herself that sometimes you just have to try something new even if it does feel a little surreal.

I am still waiting on Keanu getting back to me, oh heck, I must send out the invitation first.

J. Spencer © March 2018