Julie is currently participating in a number of voluntary projects, in her pursuit to writing eBooks for a living. One day the books will be in paperback, but for now, Julie is happy to keep all trees safe from harm until she and future publishers are 100% confident that the portfolio of works has not been a waste of paper manufacturing.

Julie likes trees and her interest in the natural world often becomes a sub-level of consciousness within her works of words.


 1.  An Art of Type

The first project are pamphlets/magazines of An Art of Type, four are available to date (October 2016.) The project commenced 2014, written by Julie, they have a deadline set for intentional consolidation January 2018. Through poetic discovery and experimental writing, most often resulting in a concrete outcome, the pamphlets consider the subjects:

Progress                   Kindness                 Knowledge               Happiness

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2.  Million to 1 Strategy (Representing three new female Writers).

The second project captures a number of voices from the local area that commenced 2015 and has a deadline set for intentional consolidation by January 2018. Julie is supporting three new female writers:

  • a) Children’s Fairy tales, and short stories written by A Girl From Hull, Emily Arcoiris (anon) exclusive to technology.
  • b) A second Hull voice is Sarah Chase. She began writing a potential fantasy novella in 2016. We’re pushing for a Novel for the young adult readership, launching the shorter version of the story in March 2017 only in an eBook exclusive to technology.
  • c) And finally, but not last by any means, a voice of expatriation, Nora Sortiri she lives in Hull and has a very interesting profession, her words are being prepared for a late summer eBook 2017 launch, again exclusive to technology.
  • d) Julie has a finale of a project, which is currently under wraps because as you can see, she has enough going on right now helping and supporting the above projects to completion. However, the deadline is to release one more eBook of her own by Summer 2018.

When Julie began her quest as a writer, it was inevitable there would be moments of being both down and up, such is life, and the life as a writer is no different from any other profession, it has it’s tough hours. Through the months that have washed by at a phenomenal rate, she realises what makes life interesting is in keeping busy, networking and living, whilst she writes and helps others to find their own channels for living the dream, whilst awake.

So now you know, if you don’t hear from her in the real world, or via social media, she speaks through her blog, at least once a week.   If you want to know how this writer’s story ends feel free to follow, it will be lovely to know you.

If you would like to take a nosey at the many eBooks she has produced, saving trees! Click on the menu for eBooks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this project page.

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